Questions about our new Comprehensive Permit to Carry Course

After announcing our Comprehensive Permit to Carry Course, we’ve gotten some questions about it. Here’s what we have to say:

Q: What’s different about this course from other Permit to Carry courses?

A: Permit to Carry training differs from instructor to instructor. However, one thing that we see as a common factor is the courses are often written to comply with the statute, versus actually trying to teach participants practical skills.

Our course is designed to do both. We’ve worked the legal language into terms the average person can understand and added practical skills like conflict avoidance and de-escalation, as well as fundamental shooting skills to the curriculum. It’s a great start for anyone new to carry or needing a good refresher.

Q: I already have a permit and permit training, how can I benefit from your class?

A: Simply put, our class offers more. In addition to a thorough review of the legal issues and requirements for your permit, you’ll also leave with some practical shooting skills and an honest assesment of your self-defense skill set. In addition to developing critical skills, you’ll better be able to assess how to spend your time and money on future training.

Q: The legislature only requires certain things for Permit to Carry. By going above and beyond, isn’t this class gatekeeping people who want to carry?

A: Absolutely not. We strongly believe that people who want to carry need to understand what they are getting into and what skills they need to be successful and avoid negative outcomes. We’re not here to tell someone if they should carry or not; we’re here to help them make an informed decision.

We believe this class covers baseline skills a person needs to be successful while carrying a gun. If you think it’s excessive, we’d love to hear why you think that. Contact us at

Folks who want to take the “cheapest and fastest” permit class are free to choose another instructor. Be forewarned that they deserve everything they get. Do you really want to risk sitting in court someday, having a jury hear about how you went with the “cheapest and fastest” training program?

Q: Why are you doing a permit course with additional training? Don’t you think the legislature’s training mandate is enough of an infringement?

A: Let’s be clear – we believe all gun control and permitting requirements are infringements. Legislative requirements are sold to the public under the guise of safety, but in reality we know their primary purpose is to put barriers in place to gun ownership and carry permits.

We’re vehemently opposed to that, and we walk the walk through our ongoing support of the Minnesota Gun Owner’s Caucus, Firearms Policy Coalition, and the 2nd Amendment Foundation. In a perfect world, we’d like to see Constitutional Carry.

Q: In a world with Constitutional Carry, wouldn’t this program become unnecessary, since training would not be required to get a permit?

A: “Not required” does not equal “not necessary.” We are confident that people serious about this responsibility will continue to seek training out on their own to build, maintain, and improve their skills.

There will always be people who aren’t interested in training. They should know better! The good news is, they can start anytime they want.

Our goal here is to offer the best Permit to Carry course in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest. Check it out for yourself: QSI Comprehensive Permit to Carry Course

Erik is the owner and founder of QSI. He has over 35 years of experience as a firearms instructor, including military, security, and law enforcement.