Force on Force Scenario Based Training

QSI is proud to present a well-developed and nationally recognized Force on Force Scenario Based Training Program.

Force on Force allows participants to develop new skills and pressure-test them in realistic simulations.  In Force on Force, participants use Airsoft guns and other training equipment to navigate realistic self-defense and tactical scenarios, interacting with live roleplayers.  Our Force-on-Force scenarios are based on real incidents that have happened to real people.

Unlike many similar programs, QSI’s Force on Force scenarios focus on more than just use-of-force.  Scenario outcomes are examined for decision making, stress management, tactics, and post-incident actions.  You cannot find training more realistic than this!

Force on Force: Self Defense

Our most popular Force on Force program, Self Defense places the participants in realistic self-defense scenarios.  Situations include street contacts, disturbances, fights, home invasions, armed robbery and more.

Force on Force: Mass Murder and Terrorism Incidents (MMTI)

We are living in an age where mass murder and terrorism incidents are constantly in the news.  While relatively rare, these events are extremely traumatic for the people caught up in them.  To protect ourselves and the people we care about, we need to learn how to deal with these situations when they arise.

MMTI begins with a classroom discussion covering historical events and tactics for identifying, escaping, and responding to these incidents.   Participants are then outfitted with simulation gear and navigate a variety of MMTI-based scenarios, all based on actual events.

Force-on-Force: Low Light

Are you afraid of the dark?  Over 80% of self-defense situations occur at night or in low-light environments.  Force-on-Force: Low Light begins with a classroom discussion on how to effectively work in the dark and use hand-held and weapon-mounted flash lights.  Participants are then outfitted with simulation gear and navigate a variety of realistic self-defense scenarios in a low-light environment.

Force on Force: Building and Area Search and Escape (BASE)

We spend a lot of time indoors, and we can expect we may be caught up in incidents in retail stores, shopping malls, airports, movie theaters, or even our own homes.  The majority of training programs covering structural entry and movement are designed around law enforcement and military operations, and are not open to “ordinary” citizens.

BASE is designed with the armed citizen in mind.  Participants will learn effective and proven methods for searching and escaping from structures using initiative-based tactics.  Topics include dealing with bystanders, protecting friends/family, entering and searching rooms, stairways, hallways, breaching and barricading doors and windows, and movement.

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