Force on Force Events in 2024

A note about Force on Force classes:

QSI has always been dedicated to providing top-tier Force on Force classes. Unfortunately, we’ve had a lot of challenges getting into venues where we can teach them.

Our first FoF venue was a privately-owned community center we were using after business hours. Despite never having any issues, the owner of the center decided to ban anything having to do with guns from the facility.

We then moved to Hennepin Technical College, which has an excellent Force on Force space. Unfortunately, the College broke our contract after deciding they did not want to facilitate training for “civillians.”

We approached the Cottage Grove “HERO” Center about renting their Force on Force spaces, and were told they will not rent to outside training agencies.

Most recently, a deal we were working with the City of Annandale to use their shoot-house fell through.

Unfortunately, it seems that the government agencies running these sites would rather see them sit idle than rent them to a paying, insured and experienced training organization.

SCALE was very good to us for almost ten years, but unfortunately, changes in management have doubled costs. SCALE is still our best option and it’s our intent to try and run FoF classes there this Winter.

However, we cannot run these classes at a loss. With the cost increases at SCALE, we are moving all of our Force on Force Scenario classes to Ahlman’s.

Ahlman’s isn’t like SCALE, but it does have multiple buildings and ample outdoor space we can use. In some ways it will be better than SCALE because it won’t be as claustrophobic (outdoor spaces will allow for scenarios involving “parking lots”, vehicles and more).

Best of all, Ahlman’s reasonable fees allow us to continue running Force on Force with out a price increase.

We will still use SCALE for the BASE class in February, because for BASE we need a large building with multiple rooms. The difference here is we can run more people through BASE than the scenario Force on Force classes, so we can more easily offset the cost.

We’re committed to providing Force on Force opportunities in 2024!

Erik is the owner and founder of QSI. He has over 35 years of experience as a firearms instructor, including military, security, and law enforcement.