Defensive Revolver: 8.19.2023 at Ahlman’s

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Defensive Revolver Course $150.00 (USD)  

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  •  08/19/2023
     9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

We’ve had many requests for this class, so here it is!

While semi-auto pistols are extremely popular, there are still a lot of people who choose to use a revolver for self-defense.

Carrying a handgun requires a complex set of skills and in our Defensive Revolver course we will teach you what we consider to be the key skills you need to defend yourself effectively.

Topics covered include:

  • Revolver Design, Ballistics & Features
  • Use Cases for Revolvers vs. Semi-Autos
  • Draw & Presentation of the Revolver
  • Pocket and Off Body Carry
  • Fundamentals of Revolver Marksmanship
  • Managing Recoil
  • Speed and Tactical Reloading
  • Dealing with Malfunctions
  • Conflict De-Escalation and Management
  • Post-Shooting Procedures
  • Movement

Required Equipment:

  • Double-Action Revolver.  Service calibers are recommended, but .22LR is also acceptable.   Revolvers must be in good working condition.   Snubnose revolvers are fine. 
  • Revolvers may not be equipped with trigger shoes (this is a safety issue; trigger shoes can cause accidental discharge when re-holstering)
  • Good quality holster (We discourage the use of shoulder or ankle holsters for your first class).  Holster must cover the trigger guard and not collapse on the draw.  Must allow for one-handed reholstering.   Kydex or injection-molded strong side or appendix holsters are recommended.  No crossdraw or shoulder holsters.
  • While we recommend a belt-mounted (Outside the Waist, Appendix, Inside the Waist) holster for this course, pocket holsters are also acceptable, provided they are good quality and fully cover the revolver’s trigger guard.
  • At least 200 rounds of ammunition
  • At least 2 spare speedloaders/speed strips 
  • Ear Protection (electronic preferred)
  • Eye Protection (regular glasses can be worn if they provide enough coverage)

Please feel free to contact us with questions about guns, gear, or class content.

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