QSI20 Two Day Defensive Rifle Course: 10.9-10.10.2021

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  • QSI20 Rifle Course
     10/09/2021 - 10/10/2021
     9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Scheduled hours: Saturday 9am – 10pm (with lunch and dinner breaks); Sunday 9am – 6pm (with lunch break)

In today’s world we must be prepared for literally anything. As part of our preparations, many of us have purchased rifles for self-defense.

Deploying a rifle to defend yourself and your loved ones is no small task. While we typically carry a handgun for dealing with random acts of violent crime, a rifle is more likely to be employed during large scale events where there is a breakdown of basic services and police are nowhere to be found.

This intensive two-day course is designed to assist you with becoming competent and proficient with the rifle as a self-defense tool. In addition to being able to operate the rifle itself, we will also discuss rifle accessories, carrying of the rifle and spare ammunition, and the law of self-defense regarding use of a rifle.

Topics covered will include:

·      Conditions and considerations for deploying a rifle for self-defense

·      Setting up your rifle for self-defense

·      Tactical gear to support the rifle – slings, ammunition carriers, etc.

·      Carrying the rifle with and without a sling

·      Fundamentals of rifle marksmanship

·      Deploying the rifle for self-defense

·      Verbalization and de-escalation for self-defense

·      Reloading and stoppages

·      Standard firing positions

·      Post-incident procedures

·      Movement with the rifle

·      Low-Light Shooting

·      Use of cover and concealment

·      Using the rifle while wounded

·      Alternate firing positions and techniques

·      Transition from rifle to handgun

This is an intensive 20-hour course over two days.  Running a rifle for an entire day can be physically demanding.

Students will be expected to stay focused and handle their weapons in a careful and responsible manner throughout the course.  If you are not sure if this course is for you, please talk to us before registering.

You will need approx. 800 rounds of ammo for this course.  We do not recommend registering for this course if you don’t have your ammo and aren’t sure where you are going to get it.

We are unable to provide ammo for this course.

We know ammo is hard to get right now, but the best return on investment for your ammo is to use it in training and practice.
If you don’t have ammo, our advice is to start buying ammo now, wherever you can find it, for whatever it costs.


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