Force on Force: Partner and Team Tactics: 08.10 – 08.11.2024 at Ahlman’s (Morristown)

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FoF: Partner and Team Tactics $200.00 USD  

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  • FoF: Partner and Team Tactics
     9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

With recent events in the news and concerns about safety and stability, our students have been asking us for a course that addresses extreme circumstances beyond typical self-defense, where there are no emergency services available.  This is that course.

Students will start by pairing up with other members of the class and learning the basics of operating with a partner in a series of drills and scenarios.

Partner Drills will emphasize two-person scenarios using long guns. Students will learn how to shoot together, move together, and communicate with each other.

After completion of successful Partner Drills, the students will be re-organized into 3-5 person teams to practice small team tactics and participate in a series of small-team scenarios.

This training will be conducted exclusively using Airsoft guns and Force on Force training scenarios.  This is not a live-fire course.

Airsoft guns and ammo will be provided.   Students who have Airsoft guns and gear are encouraged to bring their own.

If you have UTM/Simunition guns you would like to bring, please contact us for details.

You will need both shooting goggles AND a paintball/airsoft protective goggle/mask for this course.

A limited number of protective goggles/masks are available for participants.  If you don’t have your own mask, please let us know.   You can pick up a suitable paintball/airsoft mask at most sporting goods stores.


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