Low Round Count Defensive Handgun: 4.23.2022 at Ahlman’s

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  •  04/23/2022
     9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

This course is designed to develop and maintain the basic practical skills to effectively use the handgun for self defense.  It is an excellent companion for your Permit to Carry course. 

There is so much more to handgun self defense than just shooting. This course encompasses an entire system including situational awareness, managing threats, post-shooting procedures and dealing with law enforcement after an incident.

Carrying a handgun requires a complex set of skills and in our Defensive Handgun course we will teach you what we consider to be the key skills you need to defend yourself effectively.

Topics covered include:

  • Handgun Design, Ballistics & Features
  • Draw & Presentation of the Handgun
  • Fundamentals of Handgun Marksmanship
  • Managing Recoil
  • Speed and Tactical Reloading
  • Clearing Malfunctions
  • Conflict De-Escalation and Management
  • Post-Shooting Procedures
  • Movement

We know that ammunition shortages are affecting us all.  We’ve modified this class for a smaller round count.

Required Equipment:

  • Suitable Defensive Handgun
  • Good quality holster (We discourage the use of shoulder or ankle holsters for your first class)
  • At least 200 rounds of ammunition
  • At least 2 spare magazines (3 total) with magazine pouches.
  • Ear Protection (electronic preferred)
  • Eye Protection (regular glasses can be worn if they provide enough coverage)
  • Baseball Cap or other cap with a brim (keeps hot brass out of face)

Please feel free to contact us with questions about guns, gear, or class content.


Venue Phone: (507) 685-4244

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9525 West 230th Street, Morristown, Minnesota, 55052

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