Defensive Shotgun: 8.01.2020

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  • Defensive Shotgun
     9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

This course is designed to provide an introduction and build basic skills for the defensive shotgun. Many US households have a shotgun sitting in a closet with the intent of using it for self-defense. Learn to use the shotgun effectively to defend your home and family.

Topics covered include:
Shotgun Features and Ballistics – Loading, Unloading, and Carrying the Shotgun – Shotgun Marksmanship – Precision Shotgun Shooting – Shooting from Cover and Concealment

For this class, we recommend a 12-gauge pump or semiauto shotgun.  Other gauges are fine.  KSGs, Saigas, and other unique shotguns are welcome.  AOWs, Shockwave and other “firearms” are also welcome.  You can even bring a double-barrel if you want to run one.  If you have questions about your shotgun’s suitability for the course, just ask.

Taurus Judges and similar handguns are not allowed.

Rental guns (pump-action 12 gauges) are available for an additional charge (use the “Admission with Rental” option at checkout).  You must provide good-quality factory ammunition for use in rental guns.

Required Equipment:

  • Ear Protection, Eye Protection and a Baseball Cap (keeps hot brass out of your hair)
  • Sling
  • 150 rounds birdshot
  • 25 rounds 00 Buckshot
  • 10 rounds Slugs


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