Donate to the MN Gun Owner’s Caucus and save on QSI classes!

For the duration of the 2024 Legislative Session, QSI will offer discounts of up to $50 for donations to the MN Gun Owner’s Caucus.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Donate to the MN Gun Owner’s Caucus at – There are three different donations you can make, we’ll honor the discount for any of them, in any amount up to $50.
  2. Email a copy of your donation receipt to
  3. Once we get your email, we’ll send you a discount code you can use for any QSI class.


The 2024 Legislative Session is showing us more gun control proposals that ever before! We have to do what we can to protect our rights and preserve our traditions of responsible firearms ownership and self-defense.

Donations are great, but you can still do more.  CALL, WRITE, EMAIL, and VISIT your legislators!  SHOW UP to hearings! We’ve beaten them before, and we’ll beat them again.  

The Legislative Session is scheduled to end on May 20, 2024.  We will offer this discount until the Legislature closes, even if they extend the session. 

Erik is the owner and founder of QSI. He has over 35 years of experience as a firearms instructor, including military, security, and law enforcement.