Defensive Shotgun

Saturday August 12, 2017 – Saturday August 12, 2017

9525 West 230th Street


This course is designed to provide an introduction and build basic skills for the defensive shotgun. Many US households have a shotgun sitting in a closet with the intent of using it for self-defense. Learn to use the shotgun effectively to defend your home and family.

Topics covered include:
Shotgun Features and Ballistics – Loading, Unloading, and Carrying the Shotgun – Shotgun Marksmanship – Precision Shotgun Shooting – Shooting from Cover and Concealment

Required Equipment:

  • Ear Protection, Eye Protection and a Baseball Cap (keeps hot brass out of your hair)
  • Suitable defensive Shotgun: 12-gauge pump or auto recommended, but not required. Rental guns available for additional charge.
  • 100 rounds birdshot
  • 50 rounds 00 Buckshot
  • 25 rounds Slugs