Advanced Close Quarter Defensive Handgun

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Saturday July 8, 2017 – Saturday July 8, 2017


A self-defense scenario can be expected to happen quickly at close range – and you may not even have time to draw your gun.  This class is designed to teach techniques for drawing and shooting at close range distances.

Topics include:

  • Close-Quarter Combative Techniques
  • Weapon Retention and Disarms
  • Shooting Through Clothing
  • Contact Shooting
  • Alternative Sighting Methods
  • Defending Against Close-Quarter Attacks
  • Integrating the Empty Hand, Knife, and Gun
  • Using Backup Guns

This class teaches advanced techniques and is intended for experienced shooters.  QSI Advanced Handgun or equivalent is a required prerequisite.  If you have questions about prerequisites, please feel free to contact us.