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Questions about our new Comprehensive Permit to Carry Course

After announcing our Comprehensive Permit to Carry Course, we’ve gotten some questions about it. Here’s what we have to say: Q: What’s different about this course from other Permit to Carry courses? A: Permit to Carry training differs from instructor to instructor. However, one thi
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2022 Schedule Updated!

2022 is shaping up to be one of our best years ever! We’ve got multiple Force on Force classes scheduled, including Self Defense, Mass Murder and Terrorism Incidents, Low-Light, Partner Tactics and Team Tactics. Our popular Building/Area Search and Escape is returning as well! We’re also
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Low Round Count Practice: the 5-50 Drill

If you’re carrying a gun for self-defense, it’s incumbent on you to practice with it and maintain a certain level of skill. With ammunition costs skyrocketing (and likely to get worse thanks to inevitable gun control proposals), your practice needs to be worth the time and money. Never g
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Partner and Small Team Tactics Course

QSI Training has always focused our classes on individuals acting in self-defense. However, our more advanced students have been asking for something more. Recent events in Minneapolis and elsewhere have made the need for this next level of training apparent. In October 2020, we’ll be offering
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What’s Wrong with Hybrid Holsters

They show up in our classes like bad pennies – a hybrid holster using a leather (or worse, neoprene) backer with a kydex outer shell. There are a variety of makers who sell these to the unsuspecting public, but Alien Gear is probably the best known. These holsters have several fundamental flaw
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Covid-19 Guidelines for Upcoming Classes

QSI has a broad base of students and staff, some of whom are at high risk if infected with Covid-19. To minimize risk, we request that everyone adhere to these guidelines. If you have any questions of suggestions, please let us know! Students who are sick WILL NOT be allowed to attend. If you are si
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