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Donate to the MN Gun Owner’s Caucus and save on QSI classes!

For the duration of the 2024 Legislative Session, QSI will offer discounts of up to $50 for donations to the MN Gun Owner’s Caucus. Here’s how it works:   The 2024 Legislative Session is showing us more gun control proposals that ever before! We have to do what we can to protect our righ
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Force on Force Events in 2024

A note about Force on Force classes: QSI has always been dedicated to providing top-tier Force on Force classes. Unfortunately, we’ve had a lot of challenges getting into venues where we can teach them. Our first FoF venue was a privately-owned community center we were using after business hou
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QSI CyberSale is LIVE!

Save $200 on Season Passes – Code SEASONED Save 10% on Five-Packs – Code FIVETEN Save 20% on all Classes and Gift Certificates – Code TWENTY23 Offers expire at Midnight 12/31/2023
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Questions about our new Comprehensive Permit to Carry Course

After announcing our Comprehensive Permit to Carry Course, we’ve gotten some questions about it. Here’s what we have to say: Q: What’s different about this course from other Permit to Carry courses? A: Permit to Carry training differs from instructor to instructor. However, one thi
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2022 Schedule Updated!

2022 is shaping up to be one of our best years ever! We’ve got multiple Force on Force classes scheduled, including Self Defense, Mass Murder and Terrorism Incidents, Low-Light, Partner Tactics and Team Tactics. Our popular Building/Area Search and Escape is returning as well! We’re also
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Low Round Count Practice: the 5-50 Drill

If you’re carrying a gun for self-defense, it’s incumbent on you to practice with it and maintain a certain level of skill. With ammunition costs skyrocketing (and likely to get worse thanks to inevitable gun control proposals), your practice needs to be worth the time and money. Never g
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