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Malfunction Drills got a little too exciting

I’ve been setting up complex malfunction drills this way for over 20 years and nothing like this has happened before. I’m sharing our experience so others can benefit from it. Last weekend we were on the range doing some instructor development training, part of which was clearing malfunc
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Multi-State Permit to Carry Course

Sunday March 26, 2017 – Sunday March 26, 2017 18832 Lake Drive East Description: This class satisfies all requirements for a Minnesota Permit-to-Carry a Pistol. It is guaranteed to be accepted by all Minnesota Sheriffs. This course will also be accepted by any State which accepts NRA-certified
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“Tape Loops” and the Verbal Challenge

A couple of years ago, I was at a training class out of state.  The final exercise of the class was for two people to fight, one as an aggressor and one defending.  Both participants were outfitted with protective gear for a full contact fight. During one of the evolutions, when the two participants
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Emergency Trauma Care (ETC)

Saturday May 20, 2017 – Saturday May 20, 2017 18832 Lake Drive East Description: We have received many requests for a trauma medicine class, and here it is! If there is anything we have learned from watching the news, it’s that you have to be your own first responder. This class is desig
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Surefire XC1 and how to spot the Fake

As I’m sure a lot of you know, Surefire recently released their XC1 weapon light. What you might NOT be aware of it that there is also at least one Chinese knock off or “clone” as I will refer to them going forward. With the real thing having an MSRP of $300 and a retail price arou
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Force on Force Scenario Based Training

Saturday March 19, 2016 – Saturday March 19, 2016 17706 Valley View Drive Description: During Force on Force, you pit your skills against live roleplayers in situations based on actual self-defense incidents and cases.  Scenarios will include self-defense situations, close quarter encounters,
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