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Force on Force Scenario Based Training

Saturday February 20, 2016 – Saturday February 20, 2016 17706 Valley View Drive Description: During Force on Force, you pit your skills against live roleplayers in situations based on actual self-defense incidents and cases.  Scenarios will include self-defense situations, close quarter encoun

QSI Five-Pack Discount

Thursday January 1, 2015 – Friday January 1, 2016 Description: Purchase FIVE classes for $500 – a savings of $100! One you purchase the Five Pack, you will receive a code to use when registering for your five classes. The Five Pack is non-transferrable and may only be used by one person.

SHOT 2015: The Activity Group

The Activity Group ‘s expanding sponge injection system made the news a while ago, and has been approved by the FDA for military use.  The injector is designed specifically for use in areas where a tourniquet cannot be used, such as the armpit or groin.  Existing devices for trauma to these ar

SHOT 2015: HTC and Tennessee Arms

High Threat Concealment makes custom concealment rigs for high risk operations.  Their Low Profile System can be worn covertly or overtly.  I could see using this as a duty rig for police work, or concealed under plainclothes. Here we have one of their staff demonstrating the practical use of the ri

SHOT 2015: T.A.B. Gear

While I’m not a precision rifle guy, I can definitely appreciate these offerings from T.A.B. Gear. Their SAC (Silent Ammo Carrier) will hold 100 rounds of .308 ammo and has an internal divider for separating spent cases from live rounds.  Unlike carrying ammo in boxes, it won’t rattle as

SHOT 2015: S&S Precision

I always look forward to S&S Precision’s new products at SHOT, and this year they didn’t disappoint. While it’s not something I would use everyday, their grenade launcher holster was pretty neat. I really liked this flashlight mount, designed to keep the light in the gap betwee