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Thoughts on the MAG-40 Accidental Discharge

Quite a few people have asked me about Ayoob’s accidental discharge at a recent MAG40 class. Short story: Ayoob wanted to demonstrate a trigger press to his students, so he borrowed a student’s pistol, by his own admission failed to clear it properly, and unintentionally fired a shot int
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Weapon Policies and Workplace Liability

Random thoughts on workplace carry policies and civil liability.   Fears of “liability” are usually invoked in defense of gun-free zones, but do these policies really protect the business from liability? SCENARIO ONE: Your workplace allows people with permits to carry. A disturbed indivi
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Exciting Training Opportunity from QSI and One Defense

QSI and One Defense have teamed up to host John and Vicki Farnam This coming July 7-8, 2018, One Defense and QSI Training will host legendary trainers John and Vicki Farnam in Morristown, Minnesota. We have partnered for two courses that will cater to the needs expressed by our students. John will b
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Multi-Class Discounts are LIVE!

We’ve added our popular Multi-Class Discounts again! You can save up to $50 on three classes with our Three-Pack. Our best value is our Five-Pack, which saves up to $150.  That’s like getting a free class! Any discounts paid for in 2017 may be used until the end of 2018. To sign up, clic
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Ahh, Technology!

We’re experiencing some issues with class registrations.  Our web guy is working on it (we did an upgrade and are still working a few things out). If you want to sign up for a class, please use the Contact Form at the top of the page and we’ll get you set up.  You can also send an email
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